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So I had this dream...

that tomarrow my friend is going to bring over a road killed hawk for me. I mean in no way would I ever violate federal law and use a body of an endangered species, but what if it came true? It was kinda old when he got it here, a little smell... I should be able to keep the legs, maybe some feathers, alot of them were damaged. I'm thinking the skeleton may be useable, I would love a skull.

If this just happened to come true, which it never would as it would be illegal, but if it did, how should I take the feathers? I'd like to say a prayer when i bury the corpse, any suggestions on something appropriate? Considering I would dig it back up in a few months.

I'm so excited, I've been doing studies on ethnobotany in mexico and have been wanting to assemble a full set of peyote ritual paraphanaila. I may have alot of what I need should this dream come true, which it won...blah blah blah... I'm getting a dead hawk!!!!
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