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ratbot's Journal

Here come the Ratbots!
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"They're not zombies, they work with their instincts"

Animal Exploitation
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Welcome to the community that is dedicated to bringing you the best of the world of grotesque artworks,natural wonders,and fucked up minds. This community was created by me, in order to collect people together that injoy the same things that i do.

Rules are as follows:

-Feel free to express yourself in whatever manner you choose. Whither it be in the form of picture,poem,sculpture or just your favorite web site. Anything and everything is welcome here.

-You must use a LJ cut for large images or excessive text. Learn to lj cut here.

-All donations of:
skeletal remains,clockwork,preserved beasts,ant farms,art supplies,antiques,baby dolls,computer parts,bug collections,sea monkeys and souls are readily excepted. >:D

-If i dont like you. You will not be allowed to post in this community.

A ratbot is a rat controlled through implants in its brain. The rodents in the first experiment wore a small electronics backpack that linked to electrodes in their brains. They received radio commands from a laptop that would stimulate sensations in their whiskers and reward/pleasure receptors to manipulate them into following pre-programmed routes. Some researchers propose using them to search for landmines or buried victims of earthquakes, as they can much more efficiently scout such areas than human rescuers or existing robots.

Blibbity blahh blahhhhh.......
....I do not and never will kill,abuse,or torture any living animal on this earth. ....blahhh blahh....
...do not leave comments saying "You people are disgusting!!!! Ewwww!!!"....if you have something you need to talk to me about, IM me directly on MSN or send a loving Email to: green_star_possum@hotmail.com